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Awesome Library Browser for Children
Awesome Library Browser for Children ( is "Webware," combining desktop software with Web resources.  It organizes the information available on the Web for K-12 education and provides access to the top 5 percent of Websites, while protecting children from online predators.  As a software encyclopedia, it ensures that all articles, lesson plans, projects, and activities that are included have been carefully reviewed by a senior education professional for quality and relevance. It screens out only graphic adult sites to protect children. It does not screen out sites about the human body, politics, philosophy, or religion.

The Awesome Library Browser for Children is a child-safe haven of over 33,000 Web sites children, teens, parents, and teachers.  A public library or a school library can use the Awesome Library Browser to help protect children from online predators and comply with federal laws under CIPA and NCIPA.  In short, the Awesome Library puts the most useful resources of the Web in front of visitors for a safe environment of "greenspace" and screening out only graphic adult material..

Resources on the Web change constantly, requiring frequent updates.  The Awesome Library Browser for Children, however, does not use lists of good and bad sites so no updating is necessary. Instead, it looks for a designation that only graphic adult sites use and prevents them from loading.  Neither librarians nor users need to manually download programs or files to have the latest resources or corrections of Web addresses in the Awesome Library Browser for Children.

Where appropriate, materials are organized by topic, grade level, and other criteria most useful for teachers and students.  The Awesome Library contains links to articles, pictures, histories, biographies, lesson plans, worksheets, current events, and more.

For a more independent assessment of the Awesome Library content, try conducting a search for "k-12 library" or "k-12 education" on one of the popular search engines.  You will find that, because of intense support from teachers and parents, the Awesome Library is often listed as #1 in popularity.  Try our recognitions page to see what other popular Web sites (and Web reviewers) are saying about the Awesome Library.

Free Code
If you simply want easy access to the best education resources on the Web and do not need the extra child protection offered by a browser with a filter, then we can provide you with free code so users can browse the Awesome Library Directory or search with the Awesome Library Search Engine from your site.

In addition, we offer a free talking version of the Awesome Library Here.

We have additional licensing programs for libraries.  We can combine a library's database of books with the Awesome Library database or other Web databases.  We can also place the Awesome Library database on the library's server as a library offering, keeping Web traffic that would normally go to the Awesome Library Website within the library's Website.  This approach also allows the library to place it's own logo, "look and feel," and other unique properties on the Web pages generated.

Licenses for a download version of the Awesome Library Browser for Children for libraries or schools are $15 per desktop, with no annual fees, renewal fees, or setup fees.  Call us for prices for using more than 10 computers.

Rates for customized applications, such as placing the actual database on a library's server, are different for schools and libraries, other nonprofits, and ecommerce sites.  License rates also vary depending on number of users and your technical assistance needs for installations and updates.  For more information, contact Jerry Adams by phone at (503) 307-6673 or email at for details.